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Very good, and asthetically pleasing... but... read more.

Tell us about your first impressions. What do you like, what don't you like?

Very good, and asthetically pleasing... but... read more.

Postby CharlesJBurgess » Mon Oct 06, 2014 5:15 pm

Overall very awesome, but it seems kind of useless considering you need an existing OS on an existing computer that you can use without the need of a browser, I think this is more of a beginning of big things to come. First thing I have concerns about is privacy, considering this is an off site location and is browser based, anyone could probably hack or get into the system, so I HIGHLY advise against doing any form of banking or social media on it. Here are some of my thoughts to make this thing more useful, you know those old 80s and 90s computers just laying around being useless? Turn those into silveOS clients, bring old and cheap computers back to life, you have yourself a small hard disk with the client installed, probably a 20 MB little piece of software for silverlight and and various network drivers, setup the network locations and IPs for your OS as well as registers that computer. If it is your own computer, you can have it login automatically by saving the login credentials to the hard drive, or if it is a shared computer, you can register multiple sliveOS's to the same machine and select which one to login to.
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