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Windows Phone SilveOS suggetsions/requests

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Windows Phone SilveOS suggetsions/requests

Postby Matthias1495 » Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:42 pm

Hello Guys, I have just installed this awesome/amazing/cool/useful etc. App , and i have a few requests.

1st, is there maybe a possibility to log in with the Browser Account???? I also cant hit the Signout Button, is this button meant to be useless????
It would be cool, if you could have the "login" Screnn on phone , too, this would bbe maybe uselful against unauthorized acces .... and it would look cool ;)

2nd ,(maybe requires request nr 1) , i´ d like little apps you can download/install on the phone version... and maybe other usefull stuff , maybe others have suggestions????

3rd, a few UI changes : Maybe you coul change the lokk of the Clock/calendar, or make it customizeable , and maybe that tap and hold will be supported( This coul be useful to get Further options for example, the Programm bar( E.g. Virtual Maps ist opened, tap and hold, a little popup window shows up and u can choose between a few actions( like on windows 7) , e.g. Close(would be very useful, i think) , Open(I mean taht the "programm" pops up, and maybe that you can tag it to the bottom bar ( like in windows 7) , and that you can move the poition of the "shortcut", when its tagged on the bottom....

I think the first step bringing it to the mobile phones was a really big step and it will be very usefull.
I think Silveos for PW has much Potential , and it is already a great, usefull, and cool tool for windows phone users!!!
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Re: Windows Phone SilveOS suggetsions/requests

Postby 1285done » Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:44 am

you should also fix the error message at the begining right when the ad comes up (code is 80020101) after that just put in the login feature and it would be the best
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