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SilveOS Client.

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SilveOS Client.

Postby CharlesJBurgess » Mon Oct 06, 2014 5:57 pm

I have an idea of making a client that you can install to a computer instead of an operating system, kind of like a virtual machine client. It could be a little 20mb thing to contain a boot strapper and application loader to load silver-light and and various generic ethernet and wifi drivers, as well as various other drivers for the computer components. The client connects to the SilveOS login screen in which you obviously login, and then begin a first login process as followed...
1. Is this a private computer? Yes/No (if "yes", registers computer and goes to step 2)
2. Is this a shared computer? Yes/No (if "yes", enter admin password and resumes to step 3)
3. Register additional user? Yes/No (only if "yes" is selected in #2)

-If "no" is selected in #1, no registration will take place and continue as registered user, steps #2 and #3 will be skipped
-If "no" is selected in #2, you may select auto-login if you so please and you continue as registered user, step #3 will be skipped
-You may selected to register additional users in the future if need arise, auto-login will be disabled
-First user will be made admin automatically, though all additional users will have full control of their own accounts. Admin may be changed if need arise
-When the client starts, you may press a hot-key, like F3 to enter the administrator panel to manage registered users, login credentials, privacy, local storage, network, drivers, etc. and may select F3 response time, 2-30 seconds, default 10, as well as select which F to use.
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